Time Management

Life goes round and round with us or without us… Most of us spend our days holding on by a thread because we can not keep up with everything we have on our plate.

Are you one of those people? Do you have your life under control? Do you feel like your to spread thin and not know what to do with yourself or life?

Well you’ve come to the right place because I have lot’s of ways to help you find a way to put your life in order.

Okay, so your life is a mess you maybe holding it together but your not sure for how long…

Maybe Your To Do List Is A Mile Long and Your Drowning In Laundry But Heres How We Are Going To Fix All Of That…

Today Is The Day To Make A Change. A Day To Take Control Of Your Life Back…

Step 1- Be Observant and Self-Aware

The best way to keep track of your time management and to take control of your life is to develope an action plan. The only thing is you need some place to start. So don’t be afraid to pull out a piece of paper or pen to track you daily or weekly schedule. If you’d like a more organized approach though feel free to take a look at my checklists/charts page. That page includes a bunch of checklists, charts, and trackers I put together to help you gain control of your life and Schedule.

Step 2 – After Following Your Schedule Try To Create A List Of Must Do’s

Generally, we are here there and every where but after tracking your steps you suddenly have a clearer view of how you spend your time which allows you to make better use of your time. So, for this step decide what part of your regular schedule is priority to you. Then after your priorities are decided you can then decide what other parts of your schedule should be fit in your schedule and which should be more monitored.

Step 3 – Now That You Have Done All Of The Above It Is Time To Add Order To Your Life

Sure you could plan a month in advance but why jump straight into it just to have a calendar of things crossed off and erased. I feel the mistake people make when they first start to take control of their life is they get over zealous. So, to give yourself a better chance take it slow. I suggest doing weekly schedules to start. Naturally, what you schedule depends on what type of life you lead and your priorities. Some people are great at scheduling their everyday life but have no time for themselves so I always suggest including self-care and self-love time as well. Every week should include at least an hour of alone time where you can do something to relax or embrace your own needs. If your married or have a family it maybe tough but try to also add in some romantic time and family time, as well.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of My Generic Weekly Schedule If You Would Like To Purchase A Pre-Spaced & General Blank Weekly Planner

Weekly Scheduler Generic

I Have Set Up All Different Types Of Charts/Checklists Specifically To Assist You With Taking Control Of Your Life. Some Of Which Include Self-Care Charts, Exercise Charts, Accountability Charts To Monitor Your Relationships, Addictions and Even Your Medical Needs. Another great resource I Provide Beside The Generic Charts And Checklists . I Provide Specific Personalized Life Coaching At A Lower Rate To Specifically Assist You With These Scheduling Needs. So, To Order This Schedule Planner & See Other Generic Charts and Checklists As Well As To See Pricing and How I can Be Of Service To You

Click Here


What Effects Can Happen Do To Over Scheduling & An Over Whelming Work Load?

Well for starter being over whelmed can have significant effects on your health, personal development, working performance as well as create relationship issues and possibly even effect your loved ones.

If you are not ready to take the steps for yourself at least look at the effects of all the running around and how even though you maybe getting things done really contemplate if at this point you gave everything you did the correct amount of detailed attention.

For Instance:

  • Did you really care for all of your needs this week?
  • Did you pay enough attention in that meeting at work because now maybe your forgetting things or maybe feel a bit behind?
  • Are your assignments all on time and in the order you like?
  • Is your home or room in an orderly fashion ( Everything sorted, Put away, Or Organized..)?
  • When is the last time you sat down ate a meal and actually got to savor it without having to rush it down your throat just to get enough energy to get back to your busy schedule?
  • Do you feel anxious, stressed or even anxiety?
  • Are you on top of your health care, diet, exercising, or ever dare I ask HYGENIENE?
  • Do you feel like you’ve had to close yourself off from the world?
  • Is your relationship with your significant other or even your children possibly struggling?
  • Are you so tired that you are running on caffeine or other substances to keep your eyes open ?

These are all your simple everyday things, that greatly affect your life. None of which are heathy for you mentally, physically or even socially. 

Here Is A Sneak Peek At My Self – Care ChartSelfCare Generic

If The Things You See On This Chart Are Not Being Maintenance Then You Are In Desperate Need Of A Change To Better Not Just Your Life But Your Health As Well!!!

To Purchase This Chart, Get Help With A Personalized Chart And Seek Assistance

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