Why Life Coaching?

Congratulations, you wandering onto this page says, that you are either curious to see what Life Coaching is all about or you are interested in making some changes, in your life. I applaud, your curiosity and encourage your leap, to the next level of your life. I wish you well, on your Journey of Self-Discovery, Personal Development and Life Management.

bitmoji-20181117115845.pngCrazy Beautiful Life Solutions is based out of West Palm Beach, Florida but we work with people all over the world. At this current moment I, Susan Riley am the only Life Coach on Staff. My life coaching services are done in person, over the phone, by video chat , text and messaging.  I do my best to work within my regular business hours but I am happy to make adjustments to fit your needs. 

I work with clients with various everyday struggles, while they try to reach new heights and their daily goals. Although, I specialize in Self-Discovery, Personal Development and Motivation. As a Certified Life Coach, I am trained with the skills it takes to help you turn your dreams into your reality.

 If you have the dedication and desire to make the necessary moves to reach your personal or business goals. Than, I can guide you through the steps it will take, to get you there. All  in a realistic and timely manner, that will be discussed during our Discovery Session. One step at a time, I can help you to gain a better understanding of your wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, it will aide us in creating a plan of action to help you reach your deepest desires.cropped-be-free-2221.pngI take great pride in all that I have achieved while building Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions. I have always been a dreamer but due to life circumstance. I had to make the necessary adjustments to survive. Instead of thriving in life the way I wish I could have so long ago, if given the opportunity. Much like many people all over the world, what we want and who we are so frequently becomes a figment of our imagination. All while we struggle to make ends meet, just to put food on the table and pay our bills.

My goal, as a life coach is to help the Wild Hearts of the world to be able to find their TRUE VOICE and REACH their TRUEST DESIRES. I can help you achieve this by helping you to build the strength and courage it takes to move past our everyday false standards. All while helping you to trouble shoot and reach you daily goals. Straight, toward building the life you always hoped and dreamed for. It sounds so majestic when I say it so simply but the truth is it will take your dedication and desire to reach these achievements. What I as a life coach, bring to the table is the skills to help you to find  the structure, motivation, personal strength, self-awareness and accountability. As all of the above, will aid you in overcoming what hinders or holds you back on a regular basis. All In Promotion

Service Coming Soon:

Business Coaching to assist you, if you are seeking a new job or working on a business situation. For businesses that are going through hard times and need to reassess their current day-to-day operations. To do so, I provide services that will assist you in doing a business and office management assessment. This service will assist us to, trouble shoot the negative within your company. All while, building a plan of action toward making positive changes that may assist you in the day-to-day operations of your business and office management.

Are You Interested In My Services?

Below you will find all the information to start your next adventure. I would be nothing but over joyed, to be the one to help guide you while you build your path toward success or happiness. So, if you are interested in my services, please contact me to see my prices or see my Service & Pricing Page. All my contact information is provided for you on the right-hand side of this page for your convenience and also on my contact page. So, without a due, I present to you a little bit of information regarding what I as your future Life Coach can help provide you.Main Example PicWho Are You and How Can My Services Help You in Your Life?

You see, life is a working progress for all of us. By seeking our services, you will work with an understanding and realistic Certified Life Coach. Currently, being a new company, I am the head and only Life Coach on staff. Over time, I plan to bring in more Coaches as we expand and build our company.CYMERA_20180510_004146.jpg

My Plan of Action, as a Life Coaching & Motivational Consulting Company is to give you, the client. The understanding and support you need, to make the changes you yearn to make. All with, continued communication and a non-judging ear. Together, we can push through and accomplish, what once felt like the impossible. All while teaching you, how to structure and build the life of your dreams. I can help you to rediscover yourself by helping you to find your confidence and self-worth. You would be surprised, what changes can happen, when you get a handle on your actual wants and needs.

Due to society and life’s everyday baggage. We tend to get lost in the ideas that are forced upon us. We are raised with a foundation of morals and standards that are not our own. As we grow and develop depending upon whether we felt positively or negatively about our childhood, we may act out or go in an opposing direction than we were raised with. We as human beings, get so caught up on the idea, that life is black and white scenario. Yet, so many of us live in the in gray areas in between.

The hardest part is as we grow and try to find ourselves, we get caught up in the social standards of our peers. This is when peer pressure may hinder us, if we are not confident with our morals and beliefs. Over time, as our crazy beautiful life develops. We may find ourselves lost, depressed and even unsure, if we ever had control of our life in the first place. People all over the world are seeking happiness and new possibilities but lose track of themselves, along the way. All the while, they end up letting go of their dreams and aspirations.

So I ask you, Who are you? What are your struggles? What are your goals, dreams and aspirations? Have you met them yet? If not, how do you plan to do so? What is stopping you or slowing your achievement success down? Do you feel you have the skills you need to pursue your dreams? What does your every day schedule look like? Do you have the time and patience available to help you achieve your goals? Do you need assistance in your own Personal Development, Self-Discovery or Life Management?


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